The Amy Butler Fat Quarter Contest

Amy Butler FQs

Here they are!  The Beautiful Amy Butler FQs!!

Just imagine the wonderful project you could make with these!  There are 9 FQs at a value of $25.00.
As mentioned in our previous announcement, all you have to do to qualify to win these beauties, is register for our email notifications, comment on any post in this blog and answer the following question.
What is the best HANDMADE gift you have ever given someone, or that has been given to you?
Amy Butler FQs

So good luck! We are certainly enjoying all the great stories so far.

The winner will be annonced on the morning of Aug. 31st.
Kerry ♥


  1. My aunt started making fringe patchwork blankets for every one of her nieces and nephews. My blanket is incredible. It’s so beautiful and soft, and the colors are lovely! I have slept with it every night since I received it back in March!


  3. Oh, good question! When I was a little girl, my grandmother sewed me a dress each year for Christmas, and since my birthday was in the month of December, I’d always wear them to school on my birthday. They seem even more special to me now that I am old enough to know how much work goes into sewing a dress.

  4. The best handmade gift that was ever given to be was a set of dress up clothes from my grandma when I was younger.

  5. The best handmade thing I have ever received was from my paternal Great-Grandmother; she hand wrote her favorite recipes, including recipes from her Grandmothers, and gave it to me before she passed away about 10 years back. As someone who practically lives in the kitchen it is one of my most cherished possessions.

  6. The best handmade gift was a quilt my grandmother made for me!

  7. Well, i like to make different things. I make gorgeous earrings and rings. my friends are dying for my created stuff.

    • Anete, it seems to be a comoon thread here that we all create in different mediums and our friends are the ones that suggested we go into biz!

  8. The best handmade gifts ever are the crocheted potholders my grandmother made for me. I’m still using them 28 years later, and I think of her everytime I hold one.

    • Kelly – it is so wonderful when someone we love leaves behind things they made for us- we get to feel their love even when they are not physically here to show it! ♥

  9. The best hand made item that I received was a quilt. It is over 30 years old and I still use it today.

  10. wordygirl says:

    The finest handmade gift I ever received was a gorgeous pink silk dress from my mother. I was a skinny 16 year old with no date for a prom, but I wanted that dress, wished for it, hoped I would feel pretty in it. And so my mom made it for me. And it was beautiful, and when I finally wore it to a special dance–one at which I waltzed with my dad–I did look pretty in it, because I was so happy. How I treasure that memory, and all the love that went into the making of that dress.

  11. Lindsey Foster says:

    A couple years ago I hand stitched my ex a queen sized Steelers quilt for Christmas. It was the first quilt I ever made and took me about four months of nonstop sewing by hand to finish it. I love to sew quilts and have since made my niece a crib sized quilt when she was born. Needless to say, after hand sewing a queen sized quilt I invested in a sewing machine! =)

  12. The best handmade gift I ever received was a beautiful blue crocheted afghan from my friend. She spent a lot of time on it and it made me feel so special to be the recipient of such a lovely gift.


  13. I hand stitched an Advent Calendar for my Sister-In-Law. Each ornament had so much detail and love put into it. It had a modern vintage feel and was beautiful. I really want one for myself.

    emilytaylor98 at gmail dot com

  14. I had handmade eariings and pic, photo from people in internet
    I would to love win anything from you

  15. Mechele Johnson says:

    The best hand made gift I have received is a knitted Blackberry phone holder that my daughhter made. It was her first knitting project.

  16. Mechele Johnson says:

    Signed up for your emails. Awesome blog, and glad I found it!

  17. Handmade cards by a 5 and 7 year old after my parent passed away. Oh, how they warmed me heart at a sad time.

  18. The best handmade gift I’ve received is my wedding dress that my mom made. I loved that it was made just for me and that she included pieces of her wedding dress in it.


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