I have had a life time love affair with “Old things” – Antiques, Vintage Items and Historical Architecture.  I grew up surrounded by these items,  attending auctions with my paren…

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Blooming Sisters – A New Direction

Blooming Sisters will be taking a new direction.

 You may have noticed that we are not posting as often and that some of the authors you have come to love are no longer posting here.
When I began this blog it was intended to be a ‘group’ blog, there were 8 of us and we were excited to begin this new venture, something some of us had never tried before.   At the same time  we were also working on developing a new venue for Artists and their handmade items, called LotusMade.  We have already discussed what the delay in that venture has been, (refer to our Archives of “The Lotus Connection”).

Working with-in a group of Women teaches you a lot, in the last year there have been many hard lessons to learn. When you are the one financially responsible, that puts you in the ‘hot seat’ or the “boss” chair, so-to-speak, and being diplomatic is not always possible.  Keeping the peace in a group of creative people, who have very different opinions on any given subject, is an incredible challenge.

We lost several members due to a  difference of opinions and hurt feelings, that was tough on all of us.    Not making promises of financial gain is easy enough, but allowing group members to voluntarily take on an unequal amount of responsibility is a BIG mistake and will lead to hard feelings in the end.  It was, by far, the hardest lesson that I had to learn.

I had always heard Oprah say never-never give away  any of your financial  or business control in your own company.  So true and advise I shuld have followed completely.  There are times when you may think these rulles don’t apply to your busines, as when  you are  working closely with others, and building  personal relationships that you believe you can trust.

There came a time when I needed to take a step back from BloomingSisters due to an increase in my personal business, an ailing parent and other family obligations.  Several members offered to step up and cover the needs of BloomingSisters, after numerous emails stating their willingness to do so, I agreed.  BIG MISTAKE!!

Once you give up control, for any length of time, it is extremely hard to get it back with out stepping on someones toes and having hard feelings.  Once you give someone else control to make decisions for your company, it seems to be hard for them to consider it ‘your’ company, they forget that they need to consult with you about decisions that will affect your company’s reputation.  Ultimately this was my biggest mistake and hurt the group the most, for that I am very sorry.

So  now our group of 8 women has separated to go in different directions.

Karen, Louise and Bridgett can be found at Indiemosaic.com, where they have begun an interesting new venue for Artists and buyers and will continue to blog there.

Charlie can be found at  her personal blog Clayspace.com.

Mary, Nancy, and Diane, have their own personal and family concerns to take care of.

I wish them all well and much happiness and success in their future endeavors, they are all very creative and talented women

Blooming Sisters will continue to celebrate and inspire creativity.

The schedule as well as the categories will change.

I, like other Women who wear more than one hat; wife, mother, daughter, business owner, and blogger, have a busy life to manage, so I will not be able to blog every day. I will do my best to maintain a 4 posts a week schedule.

The categories I will focus on are:

For the Love of it- What we do creatively, for the shear enjoyment of it.

Re-Make it –  recycling, reusing and repurposing items we have or find

The Creative Process   —  what inspires us, and how we create something new

The How and Why of it – learning new techniques or crafts

Where we Create – our creative spaces and studios

Business Tidbits –  for those who wish to turn their passion into $$, or increase their
existing business.

I will be inviting many different Artists, business owners,and the casual hobbyist  to blog here and tell us about what they do and how they do it. So keep checking in, because as informative and helpful  as this blog has been, it is only going to become even more inspiring.  Encouraging you to explore your  own creativity!

Kerry ♥

Create What You Dream Of

Wild Flowers in ink by Limited Lead

Wild Flowers in ink by Limited LeadCreation is an intensely spiritual thing. We are all blessed with a type of creativity and our spirits will drive us to produce what we are itching to create. No matter how cutesy, absurd, mellow, bizarre or out- of -the- norm, just DO it!! Don’t worry if anyone else will like it, someone, somewhere – will! Think of Picasso! Can you image the public’s first reactions to his work?? In that day and age?? Today most people are more broad minded as we have been exposed to so many different styles and interpretations now, than ever before. Picasso was considered very bizarre, but he grew on us! My Mother is a wonderful Artist, painting  is her medium. Yet she never shared this with me, never tried to teach me to draw or paint, so I never thought I could.  I never tried really, until I was in college and took a freehand drawing course, where I discovered I could and had a great talent for putting colors together. I was never encouraged to be creative, but I tried it anyway and through out the years have found many mediums I love and am very good at.Walt Disney’s father was NOT impressed when his youngest son announced he wanted to be an Artist. Walt tried anyway, and  through many failures and his bother Roy’s  life -time of encouragement, just look at what he created!!  There is a wondrous and joyous feeling the minute you step foot into one of Walt’s worlds, absorbing his creative spirit.  What an incredible imagination and vision he had! As you can see he is my biggest inspiration. Another person who inspires me is Tim Burton, who would have thought that his bizarre and sometimes creepy characters would become so endearing and appealing? They are love through-out the world.Jack & Sally by Limited Lead
If your imagination does not run to the unusual, that’s alright too. Take Lily Pulitzer for example, she made her name re-creating a basic shaped sleeveless dress and just made them in bright floral prints she designed herself, because she liked bright vibrant colors, in a time where the fashion was for muted colors. She just redesigned a basic, and it took off!
Several years ago my son announced that HE wanted to become an animation Artist. My Husband and I shared a doubtful glance, as he had never shown a particular talent for drawing or painting, but he was creative.  We just encouraged him to start practicing as he would need these skills in animation.  Not to be negative, and we would have NEVER told him so, but we just didn’t believe his talents lay in that direction, he was already 14.  We went to the library and local book stores to purchase books on drawing  at his request. With-in the next year we became amazed and impressed as we watched our son develop an ability thus far hidden away.  He had a passion deep inside and was determined to develop his talent.  Today, three years later, he is a self-taught Artist, and I do not use that term loosely. He has never had an art, drawing or painting class, he has taught himself by practicing daily as his father told him he would have to do.

Sassy by Limited Lead

The three illustrations on this post are all his, and he is just beginning!
Next is my daughter, 8 years old and very precocious, and yes, talented. She has watched her older brother and he has inspired her, she will sit for hours watching her shows and filling up sketch pads faster that I can purchase them. She MUST have the largest box of crayons, as she will not be limited by color choice! Yes she can draw and has impressed her older bother with her developing skill, yet she wants to be like Mom and create fashion, costumes, dog clothes, just to name a few. Yes, we have purchased tons of design and fashion books, and programs for her. This year she even has her own sewing machine, and we are developing her creations as we speak!!

Brianne's first Hat design

She is not afraid to try different things and explore her creativity. Even when she dresses, and we don’t always agree on her choices of what ‘goes’ together, she tells me: “Mommy, your a ‘matcher’- I am an ‘un-matcher’!” which is what she prefers to be right now, and that’s fine by me.
So don’t be afraid to try something that your spirit is driving you to do. JUST DO IT! Put it out there and play, make something – anything, and then do it again with something different and new.
I still have yet to try painting on canvas, as my Mother has done so beautifully, but I am not afraid to try and feel confident I will develop some skill at this as well. It is just a longer process than I can entertain right now, but the day is coming, and I am preparing for it as my spirit is nagging me to get to it!!

Briannes plushie creature

What is your spirit urging you to do??
Kerry ♥


WELCOME to Blooming Sisters, where creativity is celebrated and explored.

I was born into a creative family and have inherited my creativity from both sides.  My mother is a very talented Painter, and Seamstress. My Father – a Musician, and in our family lines, I am distantly related to Frank LoydWright the Architect.  I inherited gifts from both of my parents, I sew, paint, do needlework, crochet, scrapbook, refinish furniture, and decorate- a lot!!  Though I don’t play an insturment, I did sing professionally for a few years.

I love to explore different outlets for my creative energies, and am always trying something new. Several years ago we renovated our house and I just had to try tiling and laying the wood floof myself. Well I guess you could say that was inherited also as my Granpa Jake was a carpenter!  As most creative people do, I always have more that one project brewing at a time, and am ususally looking for another!

I love to know Why and How creative people do what they do. Where did they get the inspiration?  How did they learn their Art or Craft?  What are the various methods they use and why?
These are all questions  we will explore here at Blooming Sisters.
Join us and explore your creative side!

but most of all – HAVE FUN with it!!!




Kerry ♥