WELCOME to Blooming Sisters, where creativity is celebrated and explored.

I was born into a creative family and have inherited my creativity from both sides.  My mother is a very talented Painter, and Seamstress. My Father – a Musician, and in our family lines, I am distantly related to Frank LoydWright the Architect.  I inherited gifts from both of my parents, I sew, paint, do needlework, crochet, scrapbook, refinish furniture, and decorate- a lot!!  Though I don’t play an insturment, I did sing professionally for a few years.

I love to explore different outlets for my creative energies, and am always trying something new. Several years ago we renovated our house and I just had to try tiling and laying the wood floof myself. Well I guess you could say that was inherited also as my Granpa Jake was a carpenter!  As most creative people do, I always have more that one project brewing at a time, and am ususally looking for another!

I love to know Why and How creative people do what they do. Where did they get the inspiration?  How did they learn their Art or Craft?  What are the various methods they use and why?
These are all questions  we will explore here at Blooming Sisters.
Join us and explore your creative side!

but most of all – HAVE FUN with it!!!




Kerry ♥