Why Buy Handmade?

If you have been on Facebook, Twitter, or read any blogs lately,  you will have noticed a resurgence in the term “Handmade”.  The definition of handmade is: made by hand , not by machine, yet you will still find large companies or brands claiming their items are “handmade”- yet they are still mass produced!
When you do a search on Google for “handmade” you will come up with dozens of venues or shops selling “handmade” items.  In today’s artist communities “handmade” has a different meaning, it represents attention to detail and quality, not mass produced quotas.

Why  the increased interest in “handmade”, you wonder? There are many reasons I can think of:

One of which is the return of women staying home to raise their children and take care of their families. Which, in today’s economy, can be a huge sacrifice to support a family on one income. So the stay -at-home-moms are taking a hobby or craft and turning it into a cottage industry business that they can operate out of their homes.  This combined with our rising un-employment rate is a huge driving force for individuals to start their own businesses, and what better way than on the internet and through the social networks. Starting your own cottage industry business, today,  is the  most cost-effective way to open a new business.  

So that covers why there is more to choose from when buying handmade, so  lets answer the question WHY buy handmade?
First and foremost is originality! Tired of seeing the same styles, same prints, same designs, store after store? Want something different? Something designed just for you? There are many artists/designers out there that are happy to take your requests for a custom made item designed just for you.  As for designing, with hot shows like Project Runway, there are many new designers out there getting their feet wet and experimenting while creating a name for themselves and they do not have a sweatshop working for them- they are true pioneers as they are doing it all themselves!
Then there is one of the most important reasons, to me, to buy handmade and that is QUALITY and PERSONAL SERVICE!  The quality of an item is very important to an independant artist or designer, as this gives their name or brand credibility and can make them or break them, so they pay attention to the quality and the details. They give personalized customer service, YOU are important to them, they want and need you to come back and purchase from them again and to tell all your friends.

Recently, I purchased a skirt for myself that I fell in love with because of the shearness of the cotton and the way the layers were left with the raw edges on the outside, it has a very light and flowy feeling, however after one washing (on gentle cycle) and air drying, many of the seams came apart!  I was so dissapointed and angry at the amount of money I had spent on this, knowing I could have created one of much better quality. An example of mass produced  “handmade”  quota met item!

Then the other day, at my daughter’s pleading request, I purchased a pair of popular teen brand pants that, thankfully, were on sale. As I went to launder those, I checked the tag for instructions ( yes – I do read the instructions!) the tag reads:”stud may disassemble when washed”!  WHAT??!  These pants have cute little square gold studs down the outside of the legs, they are a cotton/spandex blend jean and I knew I wouldn’t want to put them in the dryer. So I washed them on gentle and took them out, sure enouph there were two studs laying at the bottom of the washing machine!  I will now have to use some of my heavy  duty fabric glue to re-attach them. These were purchased from a very well known brand, but they don’t seem to be concerned about the quality of their clothing, they even sew in tags warning you about the lack of quality!  I frequently wonder how these big name brands continue to be so popular, with such lack of concern over the quality and durability of their product.  A small independant business cannot operate that way, they have to be concerned over the reputation their product will produce.
Buying “handmade” assures you of more personal service, better design and quality, or at the very least a more direct way to get satisfaction through your feedback.

Buy Handmade and support the independant Artist!!

Kerry ♥


Finding Time to be a Work -at-Home Mom

I am a stay-at-home Mom, who feels like a single parent to my three wonderful children. My Husband works insane hours and is never home on weekends due to his schedule. Thus leaving me to be the literal Mom-Taxi!  But wait! There’s more –  I am also a work-at-home Mom, as I own my own business –

K. A. Handmade.

This will all soon become MORE complicated as we are adding a second business to the mix!

What do I do, you ask?  Well, I design and create handmade costumes, clothing, home decor and plushies, your wish is my inspiration! I have been doing this since I was in middle school when I learned how to sew.

Now, as you can imagine, trying to do all this along with taking care of a family of five and three dogs, is no easy task. How do I create 30 costumes, shuffle the kids to three separate schools-(no buses!), get them to practice, play dates, shop for groceries, clean the house, do the laundry and walk the dogs??  Holy Cow! I have no idea!!

Organization and cooperation are the key, even though I don’t always feel that my life is organized.  It is also by teaching my children to be self-sufficient – wish I could teach my husband that one!! LOL!
They make their own lunches, are responsible for putting their own clothing in the laundry bins because I do NOT search for dirty clothes. Who would want to do that? It means more work after all! They wanted the dogs, so they are responsible for taking care of them. They clean their own rooms and bathrooms and since I do the cooking – they do the dishes. I mean, what are kids for if not to take a load off? Right?

Seriously, my goal here is to raise responsible adults that have a good work ethic and can take care of themselves. At the same time I am hoping that they will pick -up on  my entrepreneuring spirit by watching me create a business from something I love to do.

I find that if I get up an hour before my family, then I can get myself organized for the day and once I am organized, then everything runs much smoother. I generally have five hours between the time I  drop off the last child at her school- before I have to pick up my oldest and get him to practice. Once we are all home (two hours later- traffic -URG! ) It’s homework time while I prepare dinner. Luckily, the older two do not need much help with their homework, thank God! I am no math whiz!! Once dinner is done I go right back to my studio, which is right off the living room, so I am accessible, but in my zone. When my husband comes home I sit with him while he eats his dinner and we share our day. Then, if I am on a deadline, I go back to my studio. Weekends are another story!
I usually have more time on weekends – until racing season begins! Did I mention my boys are in Crew? Not familiar with it? Ever seen the movie “Varsity Blues” or “The Social Network”? Well being a part of Crew is NOT an activity- it is a way of life! In our house, it has become a year long – life long sport / obsession!!

Regatta Oars

When racing season begins we generally have a race every Saturday, which is a day-long event.  I’m talking 5:00 am to 6:00 pm! In ANY kind of weather, they are more determined than your postman!! The more prestigious races involve many states or regions and are whole weekend affairs.

How do I work with this, you ask? I prepare whatever must be done on the sewing machine and save the hand-work for these days; Buttons, hand stitching, embroidery, crocheting, stuffing and paperwork are saved for ‘race days’ where I sit under a tent in my fold up chair with my sewing bag next to me and my binoculars around my neck  waiting for my sons’ races to begin.


I have been seen hand sewing the lace cuffs on the Mad Hatter Costume.

The Mad Hatter!

Hand appliqueing the ‘E’ on a Crew blanket  for a team member. Crocheting flowers to add to a repurposed denim skirt. Stuffing a Coraline doll and sewing her limbs on.

This has actually been a great advertisement for my business, as the other parents arrive currious to see what I will be working on that day. I practice this at other places as well, such as,  doctors’  appointments, the dentist’s office, and the dreaded car maintenance appointments. I’ll say it again, this has been a boost to my business as it is a great conversation starter and people are always curious about what I am making. Where there is a will there is a way, and if there is ANY block of time that my hands are free- I will fill them!

This summer my husband has bought me a new Mac-Book Pro laptop, as we will soon open a new business. Now, I can take that with me as well! (Not sure if that’s such a good thing or not!)

By the way, that new business I mentioned?  It’s LotusMade.com.  You’ve heard it mentioned here for the past several weeks, as we have divulged details about a new E-commerce handmade web-site. We are getting closer to our launch date and SO excited to present to the public a fresh, personal experience in an on-line venue for handmade Artists of all types and a pleasure for shoppers world-wide!  Keep reading our posts and be the first to know when we launch LotusMade.com!

As my daily schedule fills up even more, I find new places to create and fulfill God’s purpose for my life.

Kerry ♥♥♥

Creating your own printed fabric

Stamping Toile print on Roman shade
Stamping Toile print on Roman shade

Stamping a Toile print

Have you been searching for just the right print, with the right color combination for your next sewing project?  Scoured through all the fabric websites, local fabric stores and even local yard sales?  Frustrated after all that searching and only finding something similar, but in the wrong color or fabric?  Believe me I have been there! More times that I care to remember! What is more frustrating is that I saw just the item I wanted only weeks before, but now it is nowhere to be found!  After confronting this issue several times, I decided to try making my own printed fabric. I had been searching for a navy blue printed toile, for a roman shade that I wanted to make for my Dinning room window, The only blue I could find was not navy but a teal blue and on an ecru background, when I wanted a white background.  So I purchased the white fabric for the shade, cut it and sewed it together, then went to search through my rubber  stamp collection.  I found a set of stamps very similar to a toile pattern, poured some navy blue acrylic craft paint into a disposable plastic plate and began to play.  I started with a scrap piece of the fabric used for the shade and started testing how best to achieve the look I wanted. I was very happy with the results as were my family and friends, who could not believe that I had done the printing as well as the window treatment.

Blue Toile Roman shade

Dining room Toile Roman shade

A few months later, a friend wanted  Umizoomi costumes for her son and daughter for  a birthday party. Well Geo is easy just solid colors, but the girl – Milli has a specific flower pattern with light pink on a darker pink background. Well of course there was nothing similar to be found, so I went searching through my rubber stamps and found one that would work. This is how I prepared the material:

* Wash and dry material
* cut out all the pattern pieces
it is less time-consuming to “print” just these pieces rather than all of the fabric

Pink Milli hood

Printing the hood peices

* Lay out all the pieces flat on top of freezer paper or wax paper in case any paint bleeds through.

* I mix the color of acrylic craft paint with a fabric medium according to instructions on the bottle.

* Pour the mixed paint and medium into a disposable plastic plate that has a large flat surface.

* Test your technique on a scrap piece of the same fabric you will be printing.

* Use enough paint to cover the surface of the stamp but not to run down into the crevices

* Try varying the pressure you apply when stamping down onto your fabric

Pink Umizoomi Milli costume

Flower stamp and material for Umizoomi costume

* Remember to bring your stamp straight up and down onto  and off of the fabric

* Once you have your technique down, you are ready to print on your pieces

* I start in the center and work my way out, even overlapping on some edges

* Once all the pieces are printed, I leave them to dry for several hours.

* Using a pressing cloth and dry iron on the hottest setting your fabric can take,

Pink Milli Umizoomi dress printing

Printing the dress peices

iron the wrong side

of the fabric to set the paint.

* Now you are ready to assemble your project.

I enjoyed this process so much that I am constantly looking for more projects that I can print myself!
I guarantee that if you try it, Not only will your family and friends be impressed by the project you made  but in awe of YOUR handmade printed fabric!


finished Milli dress

The finished costume!


WELCOME to Blooming Sisters, where creativity is celebrated and explored.

I was born into a creative family and have inherited my creativity from both sides.  My mother is a very talented Painter, and Seamstress. My Father – a Musician, and in our family lines, I am distantly related to Frank LoydWright the Architect.  I inherited gifts from both of my parents, I sew, paint, do needlework, crochet, scrapbook, refinish furniture, and decorate- a lot!!  Though I don’t play an insturment, I did sing professionally for a few years.

I love to explore different outlets for my creative energies, and am always trying something new. Several years ago we renovated our house and I just had to try tiling and laying the wood floof myself. Well I guess you could say that was inherited also as my Granpa Jake was a carpenter!  As most creative people do, I always have more that one project brewing at a time, and am ususally looking for another!

I love to know Why and How creative people do what they do. Where did they get the inspiration?  How did they learn their Art or Craft?  What are the various methods they use and why?
These are all questions  we will explore here at Blooming Sisters.
Join us and explore your creative side!

but most of all – HAVE FUN with it!!!




Kerry ♥