I have had a life time love affair with “Old things” – Antiques, Vintage Items and Historical Architecture.  I grew up surrounded by these items,  attending auctions with my paren…

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For the Love of – Love!

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is the day we are supposed to celebrate Love.  There is a lot of hype and pressure from the  card, flower and candy companies, not to mention the media.  Even so  Mothers day holds the record for the most flower sales, and Halloween for the most candy sales.  Personally I prefer my Husbands thoughtfulness of bringing me flowers and gifts when ever he feels the urge, as I am assured it is from his heart and not because society reminded him to.

As I’m watching the news and advertisements about Valentines day, I begin to think we should take a new approach to this special day and make it more about how we can show our love for our fellow man.  We are encouraged to “Keep the  spirit of Christmas” in our hearts through-out the year.  Well  then Valentines day would be a good time to show our love for all mankind, regardless of gender, race or religion.Listening to the news lately I have been inspired to change our family traditional celebration of Valentines day.  In one story some elementary students decided to sell their handmade cards and flowers to raise money for a local charity.  They had a special event at the school the Saturday before Vaentines Day  to sell their items and with the communities support, they were  able to raise a considerable amount for their  charity.

Yesterday Justin Bieber went to visit a little girl he heard about, who was such a big fan that she referred to herself as Mrs. Bieber!  The darling Mrs Bieber is a six year old cancer patient.  He spent some time with her taking pictures and sharing hugs, he tweeted the experience saying: “this is one of the best things I have ever done!”  I am sure it is one of the best experiences in “Mrs. Bieber’s”  young life as well!  Here is a young man blessed with talent and a great career, taking time from his busy schedule to share his loving spirit with another, who, I am sure, really needed that burst of joy his visit brought her.  What better way to celebrate Valentines day?!

Another example of this is Julianne Moore, who has arranged a collection of Valentines Day cards created by fellow Childrens books Authors and Illustrators.  They come in a box of 20 for $25.00 and can be purchased on Opensky.com.  All proceeds are being donated to Save the Children, to help kids living in poverty across the United States. Did you know that the amount of children living in poverty in our country is now up to 25%?  Thats right 1 in 4 children in our country – the United States of America, are living in poverty!!

So instead of spending your money on flowers or candy, ( and who needs to add that to our waisteline!), why not reach out and do something to show love for others. It doesn’t have to be costly, volunteer your time at a V.A. hospital, make some bright, cheerful pillowcases for cancer patients, or send a child in Haiti a cheerful blanket, or some shoes.
A little bit of Love shared, goes a long way!

Be Creative and share some Love today with someone in need, then make a family plan for next year and have fun with it!!


Where we Create – Braving the hi-tech world of Apple

Mac book Pro

When we speak of “creating” and Artists and their art, crafts, or mediums they use to express themselves, we don’t usually envision a laptop, ipad or even and iphone as a canvas to create on.  A canvas for creativity is exactly what Steve Jobs has given us. Last year I purchased a new Macbook Pro […]

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Blooming Sisters – A New Direction


Blooming Sisters will be taking a new direction.  You may have noticed that we are not posting as often and that some of the authors you have come to love are no longer posting here. When I began this blog it was intended to be a ‘group’ blog, there were 8 of us and we […]

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For the Love of it! Decorating with Themes

Andrew's Woody Room

There are interests, hobbies and crafts that we all do just for the love of the creative process it entails.  Decorating is one of mine. Though I studied Architecture and Interior Design in college, it does not compare to actually doing it in your own home, and especially for your own children!!  Decorating, depending on how […]

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Re-Make It – An Outgrown Shirt Becomes A New Outfit For An American Girl Doll…

AG shirt

I have always been a big fan of recycling, now also known as re-using or re-purposing. As far back as I can remember my Grandmother could always find a way to re-use items like : coffee cans, jars, pantyhose, old clothing, even those little left over pieces of soap, she would keep to compress together.  She frequently […]

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My Creative Studio

Kerry's studiio before

Lately there has been a big trend in creating your ideal work space, notice it is NOT referred to as an office!!  Creativity in any form or medium is the hottest thing going!!  So of course we must have a place or, as they say, “space” to do it!!  Personally, I have become addicted to […]

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Why Buy Handmade?

shawl bunnies group

If you have been on Facebook, Twitter, or read any blogs lately,  you will have noticed a resurgence in the term “Handmade”.  The definition of handmade is: made by hand , not by machine, yet you will still find large companies or brands claiming their items are “handmade”- yet they are still mass produced! When […]

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Create What You Dream Of

Wild Flowers in ink by Limited Lead

Wild Flowers in ink by Limited LeadCreation is an intensely spiritual thing. We are all blessed with a type of creativity and our spirits will drive us to produce what we are itching to create. No matter how cutesy, absurd, mellow, bizarre or out- of -the- norm, just DO it!! Don’t worry if anyone else […]

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Finding Time to be a Work -at-Home Mom

Mothers Day  Universal 2011

I am a stay-at-home Mom, who feels like a single parent to my three wonderful children. My Husband works insane hours and is never home on weekends due to his schedule. Thus leaving me to be the literal Mom-Taxi!  But wait! There’s more –  I am also a work-at-home Mom, as I own my own […]

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